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Pedra de Lume, Sal, Cape Verde Islands

Pedra de Lume is the must-see tourist attraction on Sal (besides the Beach).
The starkness of the place confronts the visitor upon approaching the first buildings - the lonely Church, bare earth and the disintegrating 19th and early 20th century wooden buildings and machinery could be straight from a Sergio Leone film set.

A dirt-track (parallel to the abandoned cable car) leads up to a tunnel, which was cut through the crater wall to allow access to the crater itself. Sea-water has filtered into the ancient Volcanic Crater, creating a natural Salt Pan.

Originally, bags of salt were strapped onto pack-animals which would be led up and over the crater walls until the tunnel was built in 1804. The Cable system, built in 1919, increased production considerably and the salt works remained an important part of the local economy until the mid-twentieth century.

Nowadays, Visitors can float Dead Sea-style in the highly saline water and enjoy a mineral rich mud bath.

Pedra de Lume, Sal, Cape Verde Islands