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Boavista, Cape Verde Islands

This desert Island has an enchantment that makes a visit unforgettable for both adventurous types and couples alike.

Boavista (sometimes spelled "Boa Vista"), with an area of 620 km², is the third largest island of the Archipelago and belongs to the windward (or barlovento) group of islands. The island is famous for its virgin white-sand beaches and dunes, such as Praia de Santa Monica or Praia Chave and for its importance as a breeding site for turtles.

The Island's capital, Sal Rei, is its Capital and the centre of commerce and administration. The airport is located close by in Rabil and from there it is possible to fly directly to Praia (Island of Santiago).

Boavista is an ideal place to practice water sports such as windsurfing or diving. Other highlights of Boavista include the shipwreck of the Santa Maria, which ran aground on the windswept northern coast inn 1968, and the green valley of Ribeira Norte, an oasis on an otherwise desert island.

Boavista, Cape Verde Islands